On the existence of time

Vesselin Petkov, 06.12.2016

Minkowski Institute, Montreal, Canada

One often hears the question of whether physics has shown that time does not exist.

The 1908 famous lecture “Space and Time” ( PDF) by Hermann Minkowski (Einstein’s mathematics professor) made it possible to answer this question:

  1. Time is very much real since it does exist as the fourth dimension of a real four-dimensional world whose existence was discovered by Minkowski who successfully decoded the hidden message of all failed experiments to discover absolute motion in the absolute space: those experiments failed because there is no such thing as an absolute (single) space in the world; all observers in relative motion have their own spaceS and timeS, which is possible in a real for-dimensional world. Here are Minkowski’s own words:“Hereafter we would then have in the world no more the space, but an infinite number of spaces analogously as there is an infinite number of planes in three-dimensional space. Three-dimensional geometry becomes a chapter in four-dimensional physics.”
  2. What does not exist is the flow of time since there is no such thing in the four-dimensional world in which all moments of time have equal existence (forming the fourth dimension).

It should be stressed that it is the experimental evidence that forced Minkowski to conclude that the world is four-dimensional; now the experimental proof of the higher four-dimensional reality is truly irrefutable – the experiments that confirmed the relativistic effects would be impossible if reality were a three-dimensional world (evolving in time) – see “The world is four-dimensional – Hermann Minkowski’s irrefutable proof” (Minkowski Institute – Foundational Knowledge – Minkowski’s Proof).

For those who wonder how we could perceive that time flows, if all events of spacetime exist equally, here is Hermann Weyl’s explanation (which does raise the question of the nature of consciousness, but nevertheless it is the only meaningful explanation):

“The objective world merely exists, it does not happen; as a whole it has no history. Only before the eye of the consciousness climbing up in the world line of my body, a section of this world “comes to life” and moves past it as a spatial image engaged in temporal transformation.”


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